Personal Blog Starter Kit

Quick Start

Create a new site

Cloning the repo and removing the origin repo:

git clone [email protected]:radiocubito/wordful-starter-kit-personal-blog.git personal-blog
cd personal-blog
rm -rf .git
composer install
cp .env.example .env && php artisan key:generate

Create the database

You must update the values of the DB_* entries in .env so they match your database and run the migrations.

php artisan migrate

Recompile the CSS (Optional)

The TailwindCSS included in this kit is compiled with PurgeCSS to reduce filesize on any unused classes and selectors. If you want to modify anything, just recompile it.

npm i && npm run dev

To compile for production again:

npm run production

Register a new user

If you're using Laravel Valet, your site should be available at http://personal-blog.test. You can register a new user at http://personal-blog.test/register.

Dashboard Authorization

Within your config/site.php file, there is an owner config that controls access to the Radiocubito Wordful dashboard. You should modify this email with your previously registered user email.

return [

    'owner' => '[email protected]',



You can access the Radiocubito Wordful dashboard at http://personal-blog.test/wordful and login with your new user. Build your site, and have fun!